What is a free bet bonus at bookmakers?

Freebet is a free bet, the ability to place a bet without using account funds. When using a free bet, no money is deducted from the player’s account. The winning amount of a free bet is always less than a similar bet on your own money – you return the face value of the free bet to the bookmaker, and keep the net profit for yourself.

What Free Bet is about and why bookmakers take advantage of it

You have placed a free bet of 150 rubles on the victory of Juventus with a coefficient of 2.00, the potential winnings are 300 rubles (150 × 2 = 300). The bet is won, and not 300 rubles will be credited to your account, but 150 rubles (winnings minus the free bet value).

Which bookmakers have freebets

In all. It is a handy tool to attract new customers. With the help of free bets, beginners learn to place bets without fear of losing money, and the bookmaker gains a loyal audience.

How to get free bet

The method and conditions depend on the chosen bookmaker. Most often, freebets are credited for the first deposit – the amount of money deposited. The face value of such a free bet can be fixed or depends on the size of the deposit – the more the first amount deposited into the account, the greater the free bet.

Free bets are also played in promotions. Most often, they are held among unregistered users, and the size of such free bets is fixed.

Sometimes bookmaker companies give free bets to inactive players who have not bet for a long time. This is how bookmakers encourage customers to return.

What is the size of the freebets

Depends on the bookmaker. Usually, the par value of the free bet does not fall below 50 rubles, and for winning promotions and large deposits, the bookmaker company can charge 10,000 rubles. Sometimes the size is not fixed and depends on the size of the first deposit.

How to use freebet

Like a regular rate. Go to the line or live betting company and choose an event. You will be offered to place a bet using funds from your account or to place a free bet.

Most bookmakers can only use the free bet once. Some bookmakers offer to divide it into several rates. For example, if the free bet amount is 500 rubles, then you can bet 250 rubles on one event and 250 on another. The bookmaker has the right to establish additional terms of use, for example, to accept free bets only on events with odds greater than 1.50 or only on volleyball.

Remember that the winnings of a free bet are less than a bet of the same amount.

How to withdraw the amount won from a free bet

Each bookmaker company sets its own rules. Before using the free bet, check the withdrawal conditions in advance. Usually, the rules for using and withdrawing winnings from free bets are a separate item in the bookmaker’s rules. If there is no such item or you do not understand it, contact the technical support of the BC, they will help you figure it out.

Some bookmakers allow you to withdraw money immediately, without additional conditions. In most bookmakers, you need to wager the free bet – make one or several bets for an amount equal to or multiple of the face value of the free bet.

You were given a free bet for 500 rubles. You put it on a quote with odds of 2.00 and you won. Now you have 500 rubles in your account, but you cannot withdraw them until you replenish your account and make one or more bets with this money with a total amount of 500 rubles or more.

In some bookmaker companies, the amount of wagering can be ten times the value of the free bet.

Also, the bookmaker may establish additional wagering conditions. Conditions may be different: for example, a bookmaker can count only bets on hockey with odds of at least 1.50 as free bet wagering. Therefore, before using the bonus, study the rules of the bookmaker company.

Should I use free bets?

Free bets are worth using, especially if you are a beginner and have never placed a bet before. Freebet is a way to understand bookmaking without investing your own money.

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You can earn money on free bets, but the amount of the win depends on the withdrawal conditions and your ability to make the right bet. Bookmakers do not like those who chase free bets and do not make regular bets – they are called bonus hunters. To protect against bonus hunters, bookmakers often introduce additional conditions for withdrawing winnings. Therefore, you should not expect that the 3000 rubles free bet will make you rich. Most likely, to withdraw your winnings, you will have to bet 6,000 rubles from your pocket. In this case, there is a risk of losing more than earning.