Promotion of an account in a bookmaker’s counter – basic rules

What is account promotion

Due to the lack of a proper understanding of the basic processes in the betting industry, beginners try to outwit the system by using the services of so-called “professional tipsters”. Promotion of an account in a bookmaker is the transfer of an account to a third party to conclude winning bets. For such services, of course, you have to pay. The terms of the commission are negotiated in advance. The capper bets on sports according to his strategy, but in case of a loss, the account owner will not be able to return his money.

Deposit overclocking announcements are often found on social networks: Instagram, Vkontakte, Facebook, etc. There are many similar advertisements on YouTube, as well as in the Telegram messenger. Cappers promise to multiply the initial capital of the player. The promotion is carried out by ordinary scammers who attract the attention of bookmaker’s clients with fictitious statistics, customized reviews and attributes of a rich life: expensive cars, wads of money, rest in prestigious resorts.

Are there any honest cappers

Professional bettors do exist. For example, Tony Bloom has been able to convert his football knowledge and pre-match analysis skills into billions of dollars in profits. He started his own betting company and also bought the Brighton Football Club. However, he did not have contextual ads on Instagram, where he stands with a wad of $ 100 bills.

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The moral is that professional tippers play for themselves, promote their account or take money from their acquaintances, investors with large capital, into management. They do not need to chase subscriptions, which cost several thousand rubles, and sometimes even cheaper. Therefore, honest cappers never:

  • offer their services persistently;
  • order advertising on social networks or Telegram channels;
  • manage deposits of 1000-2000 rubles;
  • promise guaranteed profit, honestly informing about possible risks;
  • agree orally and conclude a written agreement;
  • ask to transfer prepayment for services.

If you filter the promotion proposals through these criteria, then there is a chance to find an honest specialist, but the probability is still negligible.

What is dangerous

Investment, including sports betting, is a risk. But the promotion of an account is much more dangerous than an independent game:

  • fraudsters gain access to the user’s personal information: full name, passport data, phone number, payment details. This information is then sold to spam-sending services;
  • Bettors use the same passwords in different services, so the login information for the bookmaker’s account and Internet banking may be the same. If so, then the user may face serious problems;
  • blocking of the account by the administration of the bookmaker office due to violation of the rule on transferring the account to third parties. The user account gets banned, the bettor loses the ability to play.

In any scenario, the result is always the same – the loss of money. Therefore, you should not trust the promoters.

Why are there many promoters in Telegram

The uniqueness of this messenger lies in the preservation of the anonymity and confidentiality of users. Therefore, scammers are gradually switching from social networks to Telegram. It is impossible to determine their location or any personal information. The scammers promote their services through the promoted channels in Telegram, bloggers or contextual advertising on Instagram, VKontakte.

As such, there is no technical support in Telegram. Therefore, do not expect that in case of deception, the administration of this messenger will help to compensate for losses. You voluntarily transfer money to an unknown person without signing any documents, therefore, it is also not possible to present a claim to the fraudster in the legal plane.

How customers are attracted

Scammers cite numerous screenshots of winning bets as the main argument in favor of the effectiveness of promotion. A whole series of successful single bets and express bets allows you to increase your balance from 1000 rubles by tens or even hundreds of times. However, such things need to be approached with a grain of salt, since such screenshots can be taken in a few minutes in Photoshop.

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This is not the end of the scammers’ fantasy. To increase the demand for their services, air sellers try to play on the weaknesses of the person. Everyone wants to earn more, so bundles of money (fake), expensive cars (of course, rented) act as a magnet. Some swindlers even send photographs of their alleged passports as a guarantee of transparency of cooperation, but these are photographs of documents of strangers.

You can find many positive reviews on the social media pages of account overclocking specialists, but they are all fake. Accounts are pre-registered specifically for writing comments. Such posts can be ordered for pennies on freelance exchanges.

Cuppers often justify their interest in such cooperation by the fact that bookmakers deliberately block their accounts due to long winning streaks. Therefore, there is nothing left but to make money on the accounts of other users. Of course, these are just excuses. Legal bookmakers cannot block an account because the client has won a lot. Otherwise, the user can easily collect his money through the courts.