Bookmaker bets – is it realistic to win

Sports betting takes a special place in the lives of many people today. The gaming industry is developing, and along with it, the number of those users who mindlessly lose the last means, have mental disorders, is growing. But is it possible to beat the bookmaker? Yes, but those bettors who really manage to get a stable profit are extremely few – about 10% of the total number of players. Will you specifically be able to start earning real money in the field of sports betting right now? It is unlikely, because for this it is necessary to have certain knowledge and experience. It is very important to start concluding deals correctly, not to be frivolous about money and risk only those funds that will not affect your financial situation. Many novice gamblers often have problems choosing a bookmaker company. The Fansport bookmaker is one of the best bookmakers and offers its clients a wide line and high odds.

Have you ever wondered why many bettors are unable to control their emotions? Why do their brains go out when they make deals? In fact, when you risk your main assets and lose them, there is a strong desire to win them back. Especially if these funds were borrowed from friends or on credit at the bank. Each time, this process draws in users more and more, and at first glance, harmless activity gives rise to a serious psychological illness. Therefore, starting to engage in betting on sports matches, allocate that amount of money that you will not have to win back, more precisely, there will be no ardent desire to do this. It is also very important to be able to properly distribute your funds and understand how bookmakers accept bets.

First, the bettor needs to understand all the concepts associated with bets. You need to understand that this is an intellectual confrontation against the bookmaker, and you will have to play according to its rules. Only a strong psychological temper, experience, knowledge of various strategies and an understanding of where to get operational information, can to some extent be able to outplay the bookmaker’s office and make a profit. It’s just that the bookmaker’s office does not pay money – they need to be earned. Forget about fleeting wins – your goal should be to make a stable profit based on the playing distance. What do you need to know for this? We will analyze it in detail in the following sections.

How professional players win at bookmaker offices

As we said earlier, there is a certain number of users who manage to win at bookmakers on an ongoing basis. Naturally, not all of their deals are winning, but thanks to their experience and competent bank distribution, they manage to get a stable income. It is very important for novice bettors to start in this area and understand the principle of the bookmaker, in order to avoid popular mistakes and eventually become part of those 90% of players who only lose. There are many betting schools that help beginners adapt in this area. We advise you to follow a few simple rules that will allow you to get a stable profit from the conclusion of transactions:

  • Correct perception . Betting activity should bring the user not only pleasure, but also money. Think of sports betting as work – spend enough time analyzing matches, looking for factors that may affect a particular meeting. Think of betting not as a way to have fun and heighten your emotions, but as a job that makes a profit for you, not the bookmaker.
  • Control over your money . A beginner bettor needs to learn that they need to make deals only for the amount that is not a pity to lose. That is, it is necessary to dispose of only the money that is free. This is not easy to do, so it will take a long time to work on your psychology. A single win can overshadow the mind of a novice player, and he will soon be oblivious to previous losses. This can lead to a number of subsequent defeats due to the psychological factor. Analyze your every victory and every defeat if you seriously intend to master such a difficult field of activity as sports betting. Keep a record of lost and won bets in order to determine the statistics of the passage of your transactions in the bookmaker’s office.
  • Choose a bookmaker with a low margin… Often the losses of the players at a distance are associated with the wrong choice of the bookmaker’s office. The overwhelming majority of bookmakers lure customers with their design, extensive line and live, amenities. All these factors cast a veil on the eyes, and the player does not notice the most important thing – the level of odds in the office is not as high as it could be. Novice players do not think about this at all, and not all experienced ones notice the low level of margin that the bookmaker exposes. Such popular bookmakers as Parimatch, Fonbet, 1XSTAVKA provide their clients with all conditions for the game, but the odds are lower than those of other bookmakers. The Pinnaclesports company has established itself in the market, which provides its clients with high odds, but has problems with withdrawal (very long). But high odds for specific match events need to be caught, as they often sag due to large infusions of funds. Also worth noting are Betfair and Marathon. You should create accounts in these three companies and catch the odds for the desired outcome in them. Most likely, you will be able to catch a very lucrative offer.
  • Working with information . If a player knows how to get complete information about the matches he is betting on, and also knows how to analyze it, then he will already be half way to making a profit at a distance. You can’t just believe in the victory of the team and involve some personal factors. When choosing an outcome, you need to take into account statistical indicators, player motivation, optimal squad, importance of the match and much more, which can affect the result. In mathematical terms, the advantage is on the side of the bookmaker, but there is a small percentage of players who manage to get stable profits in the offices at a distance, even with a large margin.
  • Correct choice of events. Time to place a bet . It is important not only to be able to choose the appropriate events to choose the most optimal outcome, but also the time when it will be most profitable to make a bet. As soon as the match appears in the line, the bookmaker puts the highest quotes. You need to have time to bet before the moment when other bettors also start making bets. The more bets are made on the outcome, the lower the odds will be on it.

All bettors who do not want to become hostages of the betting business should be guided by these principles. It is extremely important not only to know how to place sports bets correctly, but also to learn from the experience of those users who still manage to earn a lot of money on bets, and they have been doing business with bookmakers for decades. Let’s look at a few examples of successful professional bettors.

Tony Bloom proved to everyone that making money on bets is real and everyone can do it. Thanks to his mathematical knowledge and competent financial management, he managed to achieve success not only in betting, but also in casinos. He believes that only those transactions that are drawn up on the basis of detailed analysis can bring profit.


Lem Banker is one of those bettors who have nerves of steel and incredible discipline. Thanks to his unique ability to handle finances competently, Lem manages to successfully earn his living by betting on sports. He made sure that many bookmaker companies simply prohibited him from making deals on their platforms. He believes that you need to work a lot – first of all, on yourself, in order to achieve the desired result. Bettor recommends betting no more than 5% of the pot, while carefully selecting matches.


The living icon of betting on baseball confrontations can be safely called Joe Petu, who was able to develop a unique strategy that allowed him to earn a fortune. He expounded his knowledge and invaluable experience in his book, which we recommend that you read if you are going to make deals for baseball games. It is worth noting that he calls the result of hard work luck, and not “manna from heaven.”